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Feedback events - November 2019

Thank you to all who attended our events at Jarrow Focus and South Shields Town Hall. A total of 19 tenants attended over the two sessions, as well 2 members of the public and 2 elected members.

The events included a presentation of South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust 5 Years Celebration - the story so far which highlighted the target was to build 400 houses within 5 years. This target has been surpassed and there are currently 428 Ventures Homes across South Tyneside. The presentation also demonstrated how tenants can get involved whether formally and informally.  

During the events, South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust gave the tenants an opportunity to get involved with an activity workshop to capture data on 3 questions.

Question 1 - What has improved or changed in the last year?  

South Tyneside Homes repairs service - excellent and efficient

- A tenant at the South Shields Town Hall event

Other positive comments included:

Suggestions for improvements included:

Positive comments included South Tyneside repairs service is an excellent and efficient service.  As repairs was listed as one of the top priorities for tenants, this service appears to be fit for purpose and to be working well with tenants happy with the service they receive.  A total of 1,284 repairs were completed last year costing just over £185,000. 86.72% of these were completed right first time which shows that an effective service is delivered to customers and ensures that resources are not wasted.  Tenant satisfaction for this service was 78.65% for the year.

During the events, South Tyneside Homes Income and Area Management teams were available to discuss personal and financial issues along with any other concerns affecting tenants and their neighbourhood.

Two separate meetings were arranged to discuss anti-social behaviour.  The meetings were attended by South Tyneside Homes Anti-Social Behaviour team working in partnership with Northumbria Police and an elected member.  These meetings gave residents an opportunity to discuss issues that are affecting their local area and work is ongoing to resolve issues.

Question 2 - As a tenant, what are your top priorities?

Safety and design

- Tenants at both events (Jarrow Focus and South Shields Town Hall)

Top priority was shared, with 'safety' and 'design' receiving the same amount of responses.

1.   Safety

1.   Design

2.   Repairs

3.   Listening to tenants 

'Gardens', 'good neighbours' and 'snagging issues with property after moving in' all share 4th place.

Question 3 - How do you see Ventures progressing?  

More affordable housing

- A tenant at the South Shields Town Hall event

Further comments included:

During the meeting, there were discussions around rents being higher for a Ventures property. A Ventures property is either a new build or a property that has been extensively refurbished.  As, South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Limited is an independent, private, not-for-profit housing association; rents are set as "affordable rents" whereby a housing association can set rent up to 80% of market rent.  Any additional finance raised is reinvested in more new housing.

What's next?

During the two events, 5 residents expressed an interest in becoming formally involved and South Tyneside Homes Involvement team will be contacting residents early in the New Year to explore the possibility of forming a panel. A tenant's panel would have the opportunity to scrutinise services delivered by South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust.

If you would like to be considered for this, you can register your details now and we will contact you once things progress.

Please email Housing.Ventures@southtyneside.gov.uk or contact South Tyneside Homes on 0300 123 6633, asking to speak to the Involvement Team to register your interest.

The South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Tenants Survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey. Details of the results will will be available soon.