Housing Ventures Trust

Housing Ventures Trust Tenants' Annual Report 2018

Welcome to the South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust Annual Report 2018, our second online Annual Report.

The report is divided into sections which give you information on how the company has performed in the last year and what will be improved in the coming year. Paper copies of the report are available on request for those who are not yet online - please call 0300 123 66 33 to request a copy.

Why do we need an Annual Report?

Homes England is the regulatory body responsible for social housing. The Regulatory Framework for Social Housing sets out what is expected of registered housing providers by setting out 'standards' for service delivery.

South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust (STHVT) has developed standards that set out how services will be delivered to tenants and is responsible for ensuring these standards are being met in a clear and accountable way. Presenting our performance in this report is a requirement of these standards.

The report is divided into the following sections, please click on the links below to view the respective section of the report.