Housing Ventures Trust

Our Homes and Developments

All South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust properties are completed to a very high specification, and offer a very high standard of living to tenants.

They also provide new and refurbished family homes and starter homes within South Tyneside.

These properties are modern throughout and have been designed to suit various individuals. Listed below are the various property types located across the borough.  

Current and recent developments

STHVT are currently developing more properties across South Tyneside to make sure that there are quality, affordable homes available for residents. Last year a total of 68 properties were added to the organisation's portfolio including new developments at River Drive (Riverside Apartments), Trinity South, College Mews and Biddick Green.

In the coming year, further developments are expected to be completed at Edhill Avenue, Wark Crescent, Lakes Estate, Salcombe Avenue and Croftside Court which will add an additional 88 properties to the organisation's total stock of 400 homes.

We will also be purchasing a number of "one-off" properties across South Tyneside. These homes will have been empty for some time before purchase, which assists in our goal of further regeneration of neighbourhoods where void properties may be problematic, and provide affordable homes for local people.

"It's absolutely perfect for us. We've got an eight-month old daughter and it's great that everything is new and pristine. The whole house is full of light which we love as our last place was quite dingy. I can see us staying here for a long time!"

- Mrs Aktin, Trinity South resident 

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