Housing Ventures Trust

Governance and Value for Money Standard

Under the requirements of the regulator's standards, South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust is required to run the business well by:

The Board is responsible for ensuring that South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust meets the legal requirements set out by the Housing Regulator. In addition, it also takes ultimate responsibility for performance and for setting the strategic aims for the Company to make sure that money is invested wisely in the future.

The Board is made up of 6 independent members, who are recruited for their specialist skills and knowledge, 2 members appointed by South Tyneside Council and 1 tenant. The Chair is elected and appointed on an annual basis.

The Housing Ventures Trust Board

(Left to right) Cllr Richard Porthouse (Council appointed - Vice Chair), Ken Fudge (tenant member), Victoria Beattie (independent), Peter Davidson (Independent - Chair), Julie Allison (independent), Peter Fellows (independent), Cllr Sheila Stephenson (Council appointed).

(Arthur Chadwick (independent) and Angela Anderson (independent) not pictured)


Value for Money Standard

Registered providers must annually publish evidence in the statutory accounts to enable stakeholders to understand the provider's:

Business review 2017-18[pdf - 231kb]

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