Housing Ventures Trust

Home Standard

Under the requirements of the regulator's standards, South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust is required to:

Workman All STHVT homes are above the Government's Decent Homes standard as they are either new or extensively refurbished. There is a long term plan to maintain properties at this level over the next 30 years through planned maintenance programmes.

For tenants who live in a new property, any repairs and maintenance queries should be referred to the Scheme Developer during the first 12 months - details are included in Home User Guides which are provided to tenants during the sign-up process.

"The design makes it feel like a hotel, all the corridors are carpeted with little seating areas and balconies and there is a garden. It also feels very safe."

- Joseph Collin House resident

Any repairs after the first year are carried out by South Tyneside Homes. Tenants can report repairs 24 hours a day in a variety of ways including:


Wark Crescent Bathroom A total of 989 repairs were completed last year costing just over £121,000. A number of improvements have been made to the repairs services provided by South Tyneside Homes which is helping to ensure that repairs are carried out as efficiently as possible which allows money to be better used elsewhere. Tenant satisfaction for this service was 78.65% for the year.

By law, every property needs to have gas appliances and pipework checked once a year. All 312 properties received an annual gas service last year which is vital for ensuring tenants are safe and unnecessary breakdowns are prevented.

STHVT is committed to creating homes that people can live in for as long as possible. Properties have been designed with older and disabled people in mind and many properties can be adapted easily to suit the changing needs and demands to ensure tenants can remain independent in their homes. This work involves working closely with South Tyneside Homes' Property Services teams and South Tyneside Council's Occupational Therapists who can carry out home surveys to assess what adaptations are required if any.

 "I'm thoroughly enjoying living here. I was housebound in my previous property because there were steps but this is level access so it's ideal and gives me a lot more independence. I love the location and it's very friendly - everyone who comes in and out has a smile and a hello."

-Mrs Todd, Riverside resident


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