Housing Ventures Trust

Tenancy Standard

Moving Home Under the requirements of the regulator's standards, South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust is required to:

All STHVT properties are completed to a very high specification offering high quality homes for tenants. Homes are mainly designed for those aged over 55 or for families that live with someone with a disability and there are properties which are starter homes.

A large proportion of the housing stock is newly built meaning that they are very energy efficient. There are also a number of properties which have been purchased from the private sector and refurbished to a high specification.

All homes are allocated through Tyne and Wear Homes in accordance with the STHVT Allocations Policy which aims to make best use of the housing stock in a fair transparent way. Tenants are able to mutually exchange via Tyne and Wear Homes with another STHVT tenant or someone who rent a property from other landlords subject to agreement.

In terms of supporting tenants in their properties, all new tenants receive Tenancy Support Visits from local Neighbourhood Officers. These visits provide tenants with an opportunity to discuss how they are managing in their home and any issues which they may have. Last year, 91 new tenancies were started and the range of support given to tenants includes welfare support, rent advice, repairs and general guidance on maintaining homes and the sustainment of tenancies.

Bills STHVT works closely with South Tyneside Homes, South Tyneside Council and other agencies to ensure support is available to those who may need assistance paying their rent or managing their tenancy. The aim of this is to ultimately prevent unnecessary evictions. During 2017/18, 97.05% of rent was collected which is vital to ensuring that the company continues to operate.

If you are struggling to pay your rent, or you would like some advice about benefits or other support, please get in touch with the Income or Welfare Support team on 0300 123 6633.

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