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Neighbourhood and Community Standard

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Under the requirements of the regulator's standards, South Tyneside Housing Ventures Trust is required to:

South Tyneside Homes manages neighbourhoods on behalf of STHVT. South Tyneside Homes works in partnership with numerous agencies and organisations to develop and improve the lives of residents and the areas in which they live.

A total of 2,140 tonnes of waste was collected by the Handy Estates team from across South Tyneside which helps to keep areas clean and tidy. A total of 40 local campaigns have been designed to encourage residents to take pride in where they live. South Tyneside Homes Neighbourhood Officers and Handy Estates teams are able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for litter, dog fouling and fly tipping offenders. Contact your local Neighbourhood Officer to find out what is happening in your area and how you can get involved in local campaigns.

The Community Safety and Tenancy Enforcement team within South Tyneside Homes works in partnership with Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire Service and Environmental Health to prevent and tackle anti-social behaviour issues across South Tyneside using a variety of tools and powers. A total of 5 anti-social behaviour cases were reported this year and were responded to within the set timescales.  A new smart phone app will be introduced in 2018/19 which will make it easier for tenants to capture evidence of anti-social behaviour and send this direct to their caseworker to use in formal enforcement action.

To discuss any issues or concerns in your local area, please contact your local Neighbourhood Officer on 0300 123 66 33.

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